The Fusion of Modern+Materials

modern+materialsIt’s easy to confuse tradition with traditional, and JLA’s long tenure in drapery hardware may suggest a niche business in heavy draperies and gilded finials to those unfamiliar with our entire design ethos.

Truth be told, JLA is so completely wired to meet the needs of our designer clients, we that they not only dominate more traditional looks, we work to innovate in modern-design hardware and finishes. Starting with the clean lines and angles of both wood and metal poles, JLA strives to create statement framing of windows with minimal visual interruption.

Add in both square and rounded finials, and envelope the entire design in both matte or gloss finishes (including our stunning metallics) and you have both generous and sparse compliments to shades and fabrics in the treatment.

And since many modern treatments require hidden or minimal tracks and automated traversing systems, our product lines and expertise make minimal look simple, when it’s actually often a complex set of engineering, design, manufacturing and installation tasks.

We love the challenge, and look forward to coordinating your next project (modern or otherwise) with great aplomb.

To learn more, visit our Metallic finishes page or see our finial designs and motorized traversing systems.

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