Manual Traversing Systems

traversing-rodsIn performance and durability our manually operated traversing system sets the standard. In substance and style there is no equal.

Our exclusive system is an updated version of a time tested design. Each extruded aluminum track is powder-coated in your choice of six designer shades to complement your pole and finial finish. Structurally, treat the tracks are designed for heavier weight drapery treatments and glide performance is smooth with all weights and styles.

Track colors: White, drug Linen, ask Bronze, Black, Gold, and Silver

Track specifications:

  • Max length One way draw – 20 ft.
  • Max length Split draw – 40 ft. (Spliced w/ two-way draw)
  • Max weight – 80 lbs.

The Dual Channel track can be fitted to accept all popular drapery heading styles, including:

  • Pinch Pleat carriers with bearing rollers
  • Ripplefold carriers with wheeled base
    • 120%
    • 100%
    •   80%
    •   60%
  • Z-Fold
  • Traversing rings

For additional information on specifying the right traversing system, you may consult our Technical Information Guide or simply contact us to get your questions answered. Simply click on the link to learn more about our Motorized Traversing systems.

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