Traversing Systems

bedroom-traversingLong gone are the days when poles and rings alone ruled drapery hardware. These days, diagnosis when a homeowner draws open their shades and draperies, ask there can be hundreds of moving parts at work. Highly finished materials rely on precision components to smoothly traverse window openings. Add in automation and systems can get even more complicated.


The extruded aluminum powder-coated track is designed for the heavier weights of today’s drapery treatments

All of which is why designers may rely on the expertise of JLA in configuring and manufacturing both manual and automated traversing systems. From the heaviest of draperies and multi-layer treatments to the minimalist tracking of a modern design, JLA allows our design clients an increased level of flexibility and we readily assist in in all aspects of planning, installation and maintenance to guarantee the expected outcome.


Pictured are our standard configurations for residential and commercial installations. Cick on the image to enlarge.

Standard Configurations
J.L. Anthony offer a wide variety of set-ups for traversing systems including these easily-ordered standard configurations:

  • Traversing Pole without Rings
  • Traversing Pole with Rings
  • Double Traverse without Rings  (Over/Under Setup)
  • Double Traverse with Rings  (Over/Under Setup)
  • Non-Traversing Pole w/Rings & Traversing Under Drapery
  • Ceiling Mount Option with Adjustable Bracket

When the situation calls for a special bracket or special projection, J.L. Anthony can meet the need.  These same set-ups apply to motorized products as well.

Learn more about your options in specifying traversing systems by visiting our Motorized Traversing or Manual Traversing system pages. Questions, please contact us for the answers you need quickly.

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