Wood Tones

wood-image1Nothing adds to a beautiful interior like the warmth and richness of Wood. With a full array of color and texture, drugs J.L. Anthony has a Wood tone finish for almost every design. If one of these finishes is not quite right, patient J.L. Anthony can custom match a wood color for that special one-of-a-kind look.

There are several variations of color and technique in our offerings. Custom finishing is available to get the exact color and style to meet your design requirements. Below are our standard (yet exceptional) Wood Tone Collection Finishes.
NOTE: Click on any image to see a larger view in a new window.

916-DPI-detailDARK PICKLED (DPI) The rich warm glow of limed dark walnut is created with the Dark Pickeld finish for J.L. Anthony.
918-LW-detailLIGHT WALNUT (LW) Prized for its hard dense grain and ability to be carved, order Walnut has long been a primary choice for interior decoration. Light Walnut from J.L. Anthony has the look and feel of a hand carved bowl or fine piece of furniture.
928-BS-detailBURNT SIENNA (BS) The rich amber glow of earthen clay is emulated with the Burnt Sienna finish from J.L. Anthony. The true beuaty and grain of the wood is revealed with this classic finish.
930-EB-detailEBONY (EB) Ebony has a long history of use, with carved pieces having been found in anciet Egyptian tombs. Native to India and Africa, the smooth dense grain can be polished to a rich subtle sheen. The Ebony finish from J.L. Anthony creates the look and feel of the hand rubbed heartwood.
934-DWN-detailDARK WALNUT (DWN) A true American native, the Black Walnut is most commonly used for flooring and finely crafted furnishings. The Dark Walnut finish from J.L. Anthony has the hand-rubbed look of this classic wood.
936-RW-detailROSEWOOD (RW) From China to Madagascar, Rosewood is traditional for furiture, decoration and musical instruments. Rosewood from J.L. Anthony gives you the look and feel of this ancient favorite.
942-PW-detailPICKLED WHITE (PW) With the look of limed oak, Pickled White is a perfect companion to a light themed interior.
954-HK-detailHICKORY (HK) An American favorite used for everything from fine furniture to tool handles. The dense dark wood evokes strength and classic style. J.L. Anthony brings your the look of this popular wood with Hickory finish.
black_mapleBMP-DETAILREVBLACK MAPLE (BMP) The combination of warm Maple colored wood with a soft wash of black. All finished to a hand rubbed effect. Black Maple from J.L. Anthony is a dramatic choice.
chestnut-CH-detailCHESTNUT (CH) Although the Chestnut tree can be found around the globe, it is definitely an American classic. J.L. Anthony offers Chestnut so you can create your own classic.
946-CM-detailCORDOVAN MAHOGANY (CM) Cordovan is a rich shade of burgundy and a dark shade of rose. Cordovan takes its name from the city of Cordoba, Spain. Cordovan Mahogany from J.L. Anthony brings the richness home.
960-DW-detailDRIFTWOOD (DW) As if it has been washed onto a shore by the action of winds, tides, waves. The faded wooden hue bathed in pale grey is the Driftwood finish from J.L. Anthony.
964-FP-detailFRENCH PINE (FP) Rooted in the slow, soulful lifestyle of the European countryside. The French Pine finish from J.L. Anthony is magnifique!
968-MS-detailMOSS (MS) The soft carpet of a forest floor, the Moss finish from J.L. Anthony brings the beauty of nature to your interior design.
990-LC-detailLIGHT CHERRY (LC) The pale hues of cherry wood with the flecks of mineral deposits are beautifully emulated with the Light Cherry finish from J.L. Anthony.
992-EWP-detailENGLISH WAXED PINE (EWP) The natural beauty of real pine, aged and waxed is perfect for those English country interiors. Available in 2 1/4″ smooth only
994-DP-detailDISTRESSED PECAN (DP) A well worn farm table, an old rocking chair from times gone by. That is the look and feeling of the Distressed Pecan finish from J.L. Anthony.

Watch for our Design Studio COMING SOON …  so you may specify the finishes and hardware you need for a quote and put the JLA people, processes and materials to work on your next project.

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