Silver Collection

silver-image2Silver has a special place in the history of the elements because it is one of the first five metals discovered and used by humans. We use it to eat with, illness trade it for commerce and wear it for jewelry. Truly, link Silver is one of the most useful as well as beautiful metals on earth. J.L. Anthony brings the beauty of silver by hand applying the individual metal leafs then further enhancing the finish with glazing and antiquing to create a one of a kind work of art.

There are several variations of color and technique in our offerings. Custom finishing is available to get the exact color and style to meet your design requirements. Below are our standard (yet exceptional) Silver Collection Finishes.
NOTE: Click on any image to see a larger view in a new window.

904-BSL-detailBRIGHT SILVER LEAF (BSL) The classic look of polished silver over a black base, clinic Bright SIlver Leaf will add a subtle glimmer to any interior. Perfectly at home in traditional as well as modern design. Silver never goes out of style.
944-CI-detailCRACKED ICE (CI) With its white crackled coat over silver, Cracked Ice is a lighter, airier finish with a hint of sparkle.
Silverware & jewelry handed down through generations are considiered Heirlooms. With a sublte warm patina, the Heirloom Silver from J.L. Anthony suggest the memory of those special items to be save for time immemorial.
A silver platter used too seldom will age with the dark hue of unintentional neglect. Tarnished Silver from J.L. Anthony has the beauty and depth seen in those forgotten items.
982-PE-detailPEWTER (PE) Although it has been in use since the Bronze Age, Pewter was the most common metal for tableware in early Europe. The French guilds of the 12th century supplied churches and castles alike with this useful, flexible metal alloy. The Pewter finish from J.L. Anthony creates the soft, dull glow of those early times.
986-AR-detailARGENT (AR) The French word for silver, Argent evokes the the look and feel of hand hammered silver armour. The luxurious crackled base is delicately covered with the light silver colored metal, then toned to a deep lustre.

Watch for our Design Studio COMING SOON …  so you may specify the finishes and hardware you need for a quote and put the JLA people, processes and materials to work on your next project.

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