metallics-image1As modern design trends have called for clean lines and simplicity in both windows and window treatments, we have continued to innovate in our Metallic finishes. Our proprietary, multi-step painting and finishing formulas bring luster and drama to both stark and minimalist hardware, assisting the designer’s eye in creating stunning geometric statements.

With this collection you’ll enjoy the lustre of Brushed Stainless Steel, the warmth of Oiled Bronze or the classic style of Piano Black.

There are several variations of color and technique in our offerings. Custom finishing is available to get the exact color and style to meet your design requirements. Below are our standard (yet exceptional) Metallic Collection Finishes.
NOTE: Click on any image to see a larger view in a new window.

black-nickel-BNBLACK NICKEL (BN) The effect of highly polished nickel with a smooth black plating is achieved with the Black Nickel finish from J.L. Anthony.
classic-iron-CLI-detailCLASSIC IRON (CLI) With the texture on color of wrought iron, J.L. Anthony’s Classic iron gives the effect of this decorating standard.
dk_bronze-DBDARK BRONZE (DB) It’s almost impossible to tell the Dark Bronze finish from J.L. Anthony from real Oiled Bronze. Combine with trims and other finishes to achieve a contemporary or traditional look.
dark-copper-DC-detailDARK COPPER (DC) Highly polished with a rich deep cooper hue, Dark Copper from J.L. Anthony is a modern classic.
stainless_steel-SS-detailSTAINLESS STEEL (SS) Although it is best known for its flexibility and utility, Stainless Steel has become a modern decorative mainstay. The Stainless Steel finish from J.L. Anthony has the look and feel of the real thing.

Watch for our Design Studio COMING SOON …  so you may specify the finishes and hardware you need for a quote and put the JLA people, processes and materials to work on your next project.

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