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designer-w-samples2There are so many choices and options in the JLA product line, search but specifying our products for your design projects is about more than just selection.

Fit, Finish & Function is the mantra.  This is where JL Anthony shines, bringing the highest caliber designs and craftsmanship to a stunning design collection.  From finely crafted poles to the finials, brackets, rings and tiebacks that accent your every window, here you’ll find everything you need.

Every pole is meticulously cut and assembled with precision to assure everything meets your exact specifications. With a wide array of colors, textures and styles, our artisans hand finish each part individually to give our products a beautiful furniture quality finish. In addition to fine design, JL Anthony offers many functional options.  From hand drawn to complete automation, your drapery has never been easier to operate.

We encourage you to explore the links below or to utilize the menu above which categorizes the looks and finishes you may be seeking.





Each piece of JLA hardware is hand-crafted in the U.S.

Each piece of JLA hardware is hand-crafted in the United States


  • GOLD COLLECTION Antiqued Gold (AG), Burnished Gold (BG), Bright Gold Leaf (BGL), Church Street Gold (CSG), Provencial Gold (PG), Sunset Gold (SG)
  • SILVER COLLECTION Bright Silver Leaf (BSL), Cracked Ice (CI), Heirloom Silver (HS), Tarnished Silver (TS), Pewter (PE), Argent (AR)
  • WOOD TONES Black Maple (BMP), Burnt Sienna (BS), Chestnut (CH), Cordovan Mohagony (CM), Dark Pickled (DPI), Dark Walnut (DWN), Distressed Pecan (DP), Driftwood (DW), Ebony (EB), English Waxed Pine (EWP), French Pine (FP), Hickory (HK), Light Cherry (LC), Light walnut (LW), Moss (MS), Pickled White (PW), Rosewood (RW)
    • METALLICS Black Nickel (BN), Classic Iron (CLI), Dark Bronze (DB), Dark Copper (DC), Stainless Steel (SS)
    • EXOTICS Bora Bora (BB), Samoa (SM), Tahiti (TI), Tonga (TO)
    • MILKWASH Blue Milkwash (BM), Moss Milkwash (MM), Natural Milkwash (NM), Rose Milkwash (RM), Yellow Milkwash (YM),
    • SOLID, FAUX & TEXTURED Sage (SA), Copper Fire (CF), Arctic White (AW), Black Lacquer (BL), Piano Black (PN), Faux Burled Walnut (BW), Parchment (PA), Travertine (TR)


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