How to Order

IPad-Hands-ScreenAt J.L. Anthony, we will turn nearly every quote in 24 hours or less, and we pride ourselves on giving our design Clients what they need, not just what they want. You can put 30+ years of growth and innovation to work for your project with a simple phone call or email request.

And while very few things seem simple when you’re piecing together a design project, we like to remove the guesswork and assist every step of the way. Point of fact, there are a lot of variables to address whether you’re specifying our products for a single room or an entire home. Hence our production of Product information and Pricing Guidelines to assist you. NOTE: You’ll find our brochures and Spec Sheets in our The Paperwork section.

Soon there will also be a Designer Studio addition to our web presence to assist you in designing, planning and specifying all the components for a complete estimate. In order to utilize this section, please make sure to enroll via the My Account page. You’ll receive regular updates and first access to the Studio upon it’s unveiling this spring.

In the meantime, gather all the information you need to start your process, and then contact your JLA Dealer for answers, advice and the info you need to succeed.


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