Fine Furniture in Full View

form+finishWhen you gaze up at a JLA-designed window treatment, it hits home instantly that this is more like art than hardware for shades and drapery. The impeccable lines, precision-engineered and crafted seams and corners are tight and flawless. This is no accident, as JLA employs artisans , carpenters and metal-workers who know how to work in the designer space. Perhaps even more awe-inspiring is the tactile richness and color palettes revealed in the finishes applied to each piece.

When JLA first began offering multiple paints, stains and decorative finishes, they were working from the strength of in-house furniture makers. These artisans brought with them an innate sense of finishes that eclipsed simple staining and varnishes. No, these designs introduced fine detailed painting of features in such as way as to complement a room’s architectural features such as molding, or even the furniture itself.


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