Art For Your Architecture

art+architectureWhen it comes to accomplishing something moving and measurably impactful in a residential or commercial installation, the ultimate prize often goes to those designers who can assemble an ensemble of artisens and suppliers who both understand the mission and embrace it.

And while our passions run deep, design firms have come to rely upon JLA’s innate understanding of what it takes to transform great architecture into outstanding living spaces.

Take the sheer engineering genius behind the JLA traversing systems for simple installations and more complicated architectural designs like bay windows and surrounding arches.

“We look at the gorgeous views created by wide spans and shapes of windows in homes, and we see immediately the challenges in making a designer’s dreams come true, Says Philip Clemmons.”

Everything from materials, custom shapes, weight loads, electrical requirements and day-to-day function needs to meld with designer/client desires, and it has to look somewhat effortless. It’s a challenge we face daily, and frankly, it’s where we help our clients look brilliant.”

To see more about J.L. Anthony’s traversing systems, click here.

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